LP Consult Ltd.

LP Consult Ltd., established in 1998, is the successful product of the professional evolution started in 1989 from the small architectural studio called IRA – Atanas Panov Project, founded by Atanas Panov and Lorita Panova. Possessing extensive experience in some of the leading design collectives in Bulgaria at that time, such as those led by the prominent architects Lozanov and Tomalevski, Atanas Panov and Lorita Panova established a design oriented firm dedicated to combining functionality, esthetics, and efficiency. Gradually the bureau started providing additional services such as consultancy on project planning and construction. Many of the projects designed by the company are trend-setting for the contemporary Bulgarian architecture. Designs, buildings, and some of the company’s leading architects are laureates and winners of a number of national and international awards, including several Architect of the Year and Building of the Year Awards, and a nomination for the 2005 Mies van der Rohe Award / European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture. The increasing workload, the enlarging scale of the projects and the associated expansion of the company team made it necessary to differentiate the specific types of activities. In 2004 with the involvement of the design team of LP Consult Ltd., Sector Arch Ltd. was established – a specialized company dedicated to perform all activities related to provision of design services. Factor SK Ltd. was established to provide the construction services. Today LP Consult Ltd. coordinates the work of the companies in LP Group, and its current activities include also investment initiatives, project management, consultancy services and investor’s supervision during construction. Utilizing state of the art technology in communications, the company uses specialized software for project management – Prolog Project Management by Meridian Systems. The offices of LP Consult are equipped with cutting edge workstations and peripherals by Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Logitech and Panasonic.

Sector Arch Ltd.

Sector Arch Ltd. is a company which provides complete architectural, structural, MEP and interior design services for buildings and complexes. Registered back in 2004, in collaboration with LP Consult Ltd., the company provides design services for the various project phases: pre-design studies, concept and scheme design, technical design and construction documents, interior design, elaboration of design documentation for Building Permit, communication with the approving authorities and institutions, elaboration of design documentation for tender procedures, bills of quantities and technical specifications, consultancy and coordination services during the tender procedures, authors supervision and consultation during construction, participation of formal construction stage sign-offs. The design work is performed by professionals with extensive design experience and team of technical assistants. The work in the office is organized on orderly hierarchical principles with provisions for flexible re-organization of the team in accordance with the specific requirements of each project. The company has vast design experience with Bulgarian and international developers, including multi-national project collaborations with leading world design companies.

LP Arch Ltd.

Since April 2014 all design activities within LPgroup have been efficiently taken over by LP Arch Ltd.